REGID International supports iNGOs, governments, private sector and development agencies in tracking landscape biomass carbon and business design of carbon programs for environmental restoration. We bring our engineering expertise in carbon impact quantification. Leveraging our business development acumen, we accompany organizations in designing and developing carbon programs, facilitate the process of accreditation and support carbon trading at an international scale.

Carbon Business Development

We have fully fledged expertise in transforming nature-based solutions into carbon offsets programs from the initial phases of carbon feasibility assessment to carbon credits trading.

Our mission

To promote climate mitigation and social capital building across the world through carbon offsets program design, carbon finance value chain development and GHG market-based trading. We support biomass and soil carbon programs through:

  • Afforestation/Reforestation
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Assisted Natural Regeneration / Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration
  • BioEnergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)
carbon tracking

Interested in carbon business development?

We help you design carbon programs for nature-based solutions from anywhere in the world.

All-inclusive solutions

Using our cutting-edge carbon technology, we collaborate with iNGOs, governments, private sector and development agencies in impact quantification for evaluating the amount of carbon sequestered by their nature-based activities. Following this carbon analysis, we assess the carbon program feasibility and eventually design the entire project with our high expertise in business development and maintenance.

These tailor-made carbon programs are then registered through our partners, Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standards, allowing the organizations to register carbon credits. In collaboration with other stakeholders, we establish linkages at an international level to promote the programs on the carbon market and find potential buyers. Finally, we trade the carbon for the organizations, with best practices for offset and allowance markets.

Our services

Carbon impact quantification
Carbon program feasibility assessment
Design of the project document
Program registration through GS and VCS
Establishment of linkages with buyers
Carbon trading

Carbon monitoring

We pioneer cutting-edge scientific models for integrated spatial analysis and landscape carbon monitoring.

Biomass Carbon Technology

REGID International accompanies iNGOs, private sector, development agencies and governments in environmental stewardship through landscape carbon monitoring. We have designed and developed in partnership with Global Good (co-founded by Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures) a cutting-edge global carbon technology for tracking carbon emissions reductions at a precision of 30cm to 50cm. This is revolutionary in comparison to the conventional methods of carbon accounting.

We bring to our users unique methodologies which are easy to transfer and customizable to diverse program contexts. Our models are developed on open source platforms and they can be easily deciphered by non-technical audience.

Easily suited to individual program contexts
No premiums required for any program in the workflow
Cutting edge process design
Developed on open-source platforms
Readily scalable model
Easily transferred from one user to the other

Contact us

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