Carbon Algorithm Design

Carbon Algorithm Design
  • Status Complete
  • Partners Gold Standard, Global Evergreening Alliance

Humbo Carbon Stock Assessment Using Collect Earth

In this program, we developed and tested the tree cover to carbon stock algorithm in comparison to conventional methods of carbon quantification as used by World Vision Australia in tracking change in Carbon in Humbo Ethiopia. We chose the watershed to test and build our algorithm performance as a proof of concept and to compare the performance with FAO Ex ACT and CDM methodologies. It was our algorithm pre-testing on rangeland – the Humbo watershed and the surrounding croplands in Sodo Ethiopia.

Description of activities:

  • Validation of World Bank Project with World Vision Australia in which we led in design of the project;
  • Provided requisite training;
  • Data collection through augmented visual interpretation and machine learning;
  • Arrange and organise the training workshop (map-a-thon);
  • Supervision of the project and data validation;
  • Activity data analysis and validation on tree cover change and crown measurements;
  • Develop allometric equations and algorithms for above ground and below ground carbon stocks estimations;
  • Carbon (IV) oxide emissions equivalent modelling;
  • Decipher the methodology and providing assumptions and recommendations;
  • Reporting.