REGID International is a Renewable Energy and Geospatial Impact Development organization that provides technical expertise to support landscape restoration programs and climate activities. We work with iNGOs, universities, public and private sectors by offering landscape monitoring and carbon business design to promote ecological sustainability. This is done through citizen science which generates scientific data for impact quantification in climate mitigation and adaptation. We also improve power access through integrated food biomass energy systems with cutting edge CHP technologies for marginalized communities in Africa, Asia and South America.


At REGID International we envision to integrate environmental stewardship and social science dimensions in development programs. We leverage our engineering experience and partnerships with local communities and governments to transform the world into a climate resilient society. We achieve these through

design of people centered approaches in the monitoring frameworks to solicit community ownership of landscape restoration initiatives. We also catalyse solutions to curtail the dire unreliable access to clean and affordable electricity in marginalized communities through decentralized power options.


To delight our clients with user friendly, innovative and cost effective technical expertise in program design and implementation to foster ecological sustainability and improve livelihoods. We design the best service package and use business acumen to inspire and implement solutions to address

social and environmental crisis. In this regard, we provide guidance to spatial analysis, biomass energy and carbon modeling services to SMEs, companies, governments and development agencies in building sustainable development strategies and contribute to influence social and ecological impact.

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We support iNGOs, development agencies and governments in transforming nature based solutions into carbon offsets programs. Using our global carbon algorithm and other accredited methodologies, we quantify carbon emissions reductions in environmental restoration programs. Leveraging our carbon business, we assist organizations in carbon program design, registration for carbon credits and carbon trading.

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We are developers of decentralized power in the rural Africa through an integrated approach of bioenergy and agroforestry systems nexus for food and energy security access. Thus, our approach is tailored to provide clean affordable energy to local institutions, Small and Medium Scale business Enterprises (SMEs) and the Telco cell towers. As such we are passionate about building the social capital of the local communities in our design of business models.

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